9 julio, 2022

Interview: NFTb marketplace

1/ How did your start with your journey as an NFT artist?

I started with the transition of my traditional art to digital and later generated new own pieces for NFTb

2/ What inspires you to create your NFT art/collections?

My 2 passion lies in new tech & art. I decided to create collections of NFTs in a search for independence from the intermediaries that are seen daily in the world of traditional art.

3/ What do you think is behind being a successful NFT artist?

Just like any other artistic discipline, perseverance, dedication and talent.

4/ Where do you see the NFT art evolving?

Evolve into a less fraudulent ecosystem, where only the lovers will remain & speculators will lose position. Art is always speculative but it takes time to consolidate the platforms, the artists, etc and NFTs are just emerging.

5/ What can we expect next from your work on NFTb?

More collections - unique and better. I am forming a team behind me to create collections with history, development and content, evolving as this technological universe deserves.

24 mayo, 2022

Aula abierta – Scholas Occurrentes

Entrega del NFT "Aula abierta" al Papa Francisco en el evento anual de Scholas Occurrentes en la Universidad Urbaniana de Roma.

Inicio de la nueva colección de NFTs para la fundación pontificia creada por el Papa Francisco.

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1 diciembre, 2020

Construcción de la serie – El alma

Con una increíble cantidad de textura, utilizando la resina desde múltiples formas para generar diferentes efectos visuales, las primeras capaz se utilizan para fortalecer la vivacidad de los colores y generar texturas en relieve, a su vez utilizando el color como medio de forma y movimiento.

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