1/ How did your start with your journey as an NFT artist?

I started with the transition of my traditional art to digital and later generated new own pieces for NFTb

2/ What inspires you to create your NFT art/collections?

My 2 passion lies in new tech & art. I decided to create collections of NFTs in a search for independence from the intermediaries that are seen daily in the world of traditional art.

3/ What do you think is behind being a successful NFT artist?

Just like any other artistic discipline, perseverance, dedication and talent.

4/ Where do you see the NFT art evolving?

Evolve into a less fraudulent ecosystem, where only the lovers will remain & speculators will lose position. Art is always speculative but it takes time to consolidate the platforms, the artists, etc and NFTs are just emerging.

5/ What can we expect next from your work on NFTb?

More collections - unique and better. I am forming a team behind me to create collections with history, development and content, evolving as this technological universe deserves.