50 x 60 cm

Creation made in epoxy resin and alcohol-based inks. Wooden frame and ready to hang. No framing required.

This work of art was created using high quality pigments. A thin layer of resin protects the artwork against UV light and dust. The artwork is signed on the back and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

About my work: "In this series my work has been transcended to a new level of completion and detail. Constantly incorporating new materials

into my production and testing new techniques has taken my process to a new limit. Experimenting with new resources it allowed me to change my way of understanding my own art and to expand in a different way in these new works, looking for a way to express a new vision of myself and my current moment in life "

All copyrights and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

The sample is an original work and of only reproduction.

Agustín Rüdegar . Barcelona 2020

El bosque dentro del mar

Lienzo: 130 x 89 cm / grueso 6 x 3 cm.
lino T-150

Medio: Pintura Acrílica / Resina Epoxy /
Acrílico en tinta / Pan de oro y cobre.

Esta obra forma parte de la serie de pinturas; Naturaleza Brava, diseñadas desde el recuerdo y la imaginación para mostrar escenas memorables de la Costa Brava. Buscando evocar la belleza existente en esta porción del planeta y poder así conservarlas en el tiempo.

Todos los derechos de autor y reproducción están reservados por el artista.

El ejemplar es una obra original y de única reproducción.

Agustín Rüdegar . Barcelona 2019

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